Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Serving Binghamton & Apalachin, NY

"Casement Windows offer a whole level of beauty in a window that is also wonderfully functional. Its superior design makes it ideal not only for single window units but also for creating multiple assemblies like Bows, Bays, and Pictures and your original combinations."

Key Features of our Casement Windows

  • Fully welded beveled frame and sash for exceptional strength.
  • Triple weatherstripping to prevent air, water, dust and noise infiltration.
  • High performance operators for corrosion resistance, effortless operation, and easy adjustability.
  • Heatseal warm edge spacer system for excellent thermal efficiency and drastic reduction in the possibility of condensation on the inside of your window.
  • Full ThruVision Plus screen standard on casement window.
  • A progressive multi-point locking system allows for a weather tight seal by drawing the sash firmly and securely to the master frame of the casement window.

"OKNA’s Casement Window cranks out smoothly for maximum ventilation as well as eff ortless cleaning".

"The Casement Window offers a streamlined look in a window which is practical in areas with obstructions. It cranks out smoothly for air circulation while protecting your home from the elements." (OKNA Casement Brochure).

To read more about the Casement see PDF brochure.