Technical Data and Short Form Architectural Specifications

PRIME/plus Window Systems Series 1000, 2000

General: The PRIME/plus window system is to be installed on the interior casing of the existing energy inefficient prime window. It is designed to work in tandem with, but independent of, the prime window.

All inserts are to be fully removable without detaching expanders or main frame members from the opening.

The system shall be designed in such a manner that its performance characteristics shall meet the follow:

A. Air infiltration: Stand alone air infiltration rates shall not exceed the following air infiltration levels when tested at 1.56 psf (25 m.p.h. - equivalent) er ASTM: E283-73.

Test Infiltration

Unit Per Lineal

Window Type Size Ft. of Crack

2200 non-ventilating (1 lite) 54" x 76" .23 c.f.m.

2100 double hung (2 lite) 45" x 76" .164 c.f.m.

2000 slider (2 lite) 72" x 60" .199 c.f.m.

1200 non-ventilating 48" x 48" .158 c.f.m.

1000 slider (2 lite) 60" x 48" .214 c.f.m.

B. Combined U-Value: Combined U-Value shall not exceed .59 Btu/hr/sq. ft./ °F when tested by use of heat flow meter methods at a minimum of 18 °F inside/outside temperarture differential.

C. Uniform Load: The inside system shall show no damage when subjected to a load of 15 psf exterior and 15 psf interior when tested per ASTM E 330-70. The test sample shall be 42 x 60 inches, with two inserts (2000 series).


A. Metal - 6063T5 Aluminum alloy

B. Finish - Clear Anodized (201R1), Quaker Bronze or White baked- on enamel. Special colors available upon request.

Main Frame - (1000 and 2000 series)

Design Purpose - To provide a fully sealed operating enviroment for the inserts.

A. Metal - 6063T5

B. Finish - Same as previous

C. Track System - Rigid Black PVC

D. Seals - Schlegel Fin-Seal to 50% compression or Q-LON®

E. Springs - 1-4 lb. density polyethersulton foam

Balance - (2100 Series)

Jamb mounted block and tackle balances as required by insert size and weight to hold the inserts in an open position.

Inserts - (1000 and 2000 series)

Design Purpose - To Provide operable full perimeter sealing sash members

A. Metal (Frames) 6063T5 alloy

B. Metal (Fasteners) Stainless Steel screws

C. Finish (aluminum) - Same as previous

D. Vinyls - Soft PVC Marine glazing bead

E. Seals - Shclegel Fin-Seal Q-LON®

F. Glazing Materials -

1000 Series: Any 1/8 in. material listen on glazing chart (see glazing chart)

2000 Series: Any 1/8, 3/16, or 1/4 in. material listed on glazing chart (see glazing chart).


Expanders shall be further attached with mechanical fasteners on 12 in. centers. Any gaps between expanders and the casing shall be filled with Sonneborn® Sonolastic® sealant or equal.

The main frame shall be true and square inside the opening without regard to out-of-square and run-out in the casting.

All inserts must close smoothly and tightly. Meeting rails between inserts must seal completely upon closing.

All system glazing materials, as well as the inside glazing surface of the orginal prime window, shall be left clean.

Where necessary, appropriate matching touch-up paint shall be used to repair scratches to painted surface.

Q-LON® weather seal is a registered trademark of Schlegel Corporation.

Special Features and Services


On-site consultations by factory representatives

Specialty engineered curves and gothic shapes

Custom extrusions

Expander system designed to accomodate existing conditions


Q-LON® weatherseal, the tested leader for air filtration, thermal variance, andacoustics.

-Gaskets and airseals used throught for air tight construction.

Balancing systems for large openings.

1/4 " Laminated safty glass available for sound reduction.